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We've gathered the best Flannel Pajamas for you to easily find the styles and designs you want.

It's always the right time for Flannel Pajamas!

Cozy and Comfortable, they're perfect for chilly winter days and nights (and even the next day again but don't tell anyone).
We love our Flannels!

Plaid is a Pattern.
Flannel is a material.

It's easy to be confused because many flannels have a plaid pattern on them.

But Flannel is a woven fabric.
It's usually made from wool or cotton, and that's why it's so comfortable. Flannel is perfect pajama material.

Care and Washing

Because flannel is made of soft wool or cotton, it can shrink when you wash it.

Using cold water with just a little detergent will keep your flannel fitting perfectly.

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